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The stone industry in the first half of 2014 economic operation report
With the Chinese economy to a moderate growth period, industry market environment over the more serious: the domestic real estate industry investment growth continued to slow, Europe and the international market recovery levels were lower than expected; at the same time, the high cost of enterprise, product homogenization serious competition, price competition.

The first half of 2014, although the overall industry maintained stable development trend, enterprises above the scale of production, sales, investment were maintained 2 digit growth, but growth is generally lower than in previous years, coupled with rising costs, profit margins, inventory, statistics reflect the situation has not optimistic. But we learned in the research, the enterprise generally feel more than that, for most enterprises, maintain the normal operation of enterprises has been very good in the current situation, they are experiencing is hitherto unknown challenge, threatening the survival of enterprises. So the industry transformation and upgrading more urgent, the survival of the fittest survival increasingly brutal.
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