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The International Construction Material Exhibitions in Australia

On 8th-10th May, 2013, Wayon Stone Co. will attend the International Construction Material Exhibitions in Australia. Booth: K13. Welcome all the old and new customers.

The International Construction Material Exhibitions in Australia (DESIGNBUILD) is held by Diversified Exhibitions Australia, an Australian professional exhibitions company, which characterized by its large scale, strong professional, wide influence and geographical strength. Established in 1987, this organization has held annual exhibition for 25 years, either in Sydney or in Melbourne. It’s a major channel for the construction material enterprises from all countries to enter Australian and Oceania markets. This exhibition is supported by Australian government, Australian Construction Association, Australian Construction Designer Association and Australian Stone Counselor Association etc. Australia belongs to the west developed countries. People there are concerned about the living quality. They pursue good internal housing environment. They spend much money on housing decoration, so the capacity and demand of the market is relatively huge. Therefore it’s a tempting target market. By 25th November, 2013, China has exported to Australia 0.797 billion AUD construction materials while imported from Australia 0.273 billion AUD construction materials. In general, China has an advantage in exporting Chinese construction materials to Australia.

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